Friday, 15 February 2013

Cross Pens - My Kind of Candy!

Recently Cross the enigmatic pen company asked me if I liked pens. Do Italians eat pizza? - I love pens and always have.  The highlight of my new school year each September was always a trip to the stationary store with my dad to stock up ready for the new school year. A pen in my Christmas stocking was always sure to please me along with diaries, journals and the latest Nancy Drew mystery.

With the world going digital it seems that less and less people are actually writing using real pens and pencils. When Cross asked me if I would like to test some of their new editions I was so excited! To get some fantastic writing implements on a regular basis is food for the soul.

Today I received the new and snappy Edge Red Rolling Ball pen.  It took me a few seconds to work out how to open it (and just to make sure it wasn't me I asked Mr R to try as well). It is so easy really, you just slide it apart to open and push it together to close. Slide, Snap, Simple!

Snap Shut
Slide Open

It comes in a range of colours and has the usual Cross lifetime mechanical guarantee.  It is presented in a premium box and is sure to please the recipient who opens it. You can have fun at your desk, meeting or just writing out your food shopping list! 

Also in the package I received one of the Disney Collection, the Sentiment Ivory Special Edition Disney Ball pen.

Nice grip and easy to write with

There are a few colours but the one I have is a pearlised ivory colour and has a special ring to clip one of the charms that comes with it.  The limited edition Sentiment has a Cinderella theme and would make a delightful present for a young lady to encourage her to appreciate fine pens and writing (notes to Nanny always go down well at any age!)

It is hand polished and highly polished and with the three interchangeable charms is so lovely. 

Pumpkin Carriage

The box also includes a pen case so that you can confidently take it out with you and not worry about scratching it.

I feel very lucky to receive these special editions and look forward to the next set!

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