Friday, 15 February 2013


Usually Mr R and myself stay home Valentines day and we have a special meal together along with a special bottle of wine.  We hate going out for a meal where the prices are hiked up and the quality suffers. We have a brief discussion about the meal but it is usually up to me to buy the food and wine and cook it. (Occassionally Mr R will pick the menu and shop and cook it.)

This year we have had my niece from America visiting the week before which involved the rest of the family and lots of sightseeing in London and around where we live.

I just hadn't had much time to my self so wasn't really sure what we would have for our special meal last night and hadn't been able to shop yesterday so a fridge raid was the matter of the day.

I did have some tiger prawns in the fridge so I made a prawn cocktail. For the sauce I mixed ketchup, mayonnaise, horseraddish and a small spoonful of Gran Luchito mexican chilli paste.  The sauce was spicy and smokey and really went well with the prawns.  Served on a bed of iceberg lettuce with sliced tomatoes and a slice of lemon it was a lovely starter.

We exchanged cards, Mr R gave me a box of luxury chocolates and I put a Euromillions lottery ticket in his card (fingers crossed we win a couple of million tonight!!)

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  1. And then...? Surely it didn't stop at the Starter stage?? (Maybe it got so romantic you don't want to tell us about it! :/ )