Thursday, 28 February 2013

Month End But Still a Feast!

To day is the 28th of February and the end of the month.  I have mentioned this year already how I am trying to make the most of my well stocked cupboard and full freezer and today is a perfect example of that.

Tonight's supper is from the freezer: sausages; from the pantry cupboard: Tin of chopped tomatoes, tin of haricot beans; salt and pepper and garlic spices from the kitchen cupboard and from the fridge: onion, celery, cherry tomatoes, chopped carrot and chopped parsnip.

I put this in the oven on a low-ish heat for about an hour and a half and then wacked the heat up high for the final half hour and it turned into this:-

I served the casserole with some Ainsley Harriot golden vegetable rice which I cooked in the microwave (I did say it was a kitchen raid dinner!)
Mr R was full of praise for his dinner and did especially enjoy the glass of wine to go with it!!

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  1. Yes, I can imagine that this dish was very well-received. Verging on the Cassoulet, don't you think? Very much the sort of thing we would eat for a mid-week dinner too.