Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Sozai - First Sushi Cooking Class

Last week I attended the Launch Party of Sozai, London's first dedicated Japanese cooking school and tonight I attended their first cooking class. It was totally sushi making and rolling and loads of fun.

There were seven of us which was really nice, we were able to chat and get to know each other better than in a crowded class.

A warm welcome, a glass of wine and let's get rolling.

We learned how to make the perfect sushi rice, much easier than I thought it would be. You just have to be organised and let the rice soak for at least a couple of hours or better overnight.

One of the fillings we were going to use in our sushi rolls is a sort of omelet but made in a special square omelet pan. These can be purchased in Japanese food and equipment shops. 

You build up the omelet in layers and this keep it moist and makes sure it it thoroughly cooked as well.

The rice is straightforward to cook but it is essential that you cool it quickly to stop the cooking process so you don't end up with sticky, soggy rice.  There are a couple of ways to do this; a small fan as in this photo (but this does take time and wears our the fan waver!), a large fan like you would have in your home or a hair dryer on the cool setting.

Beautiful pieces of the freshest tuna, salmon and sea bream being sliced with a very sharp knife ready to be used for our sushi rolls.

Yuki, our teacher for the evening, showing us how to make a really simple hand roll, quick, easy and eaten in a couple of bites!

Sea bream and sushi rice ready for rolling. Once you get the technique it is really a lot of fun.

The topping trio, sesame seeds, black sesame seeds and flying fish eggs,

Two views of the three sushi rolls I made!!

The three rolls carefully cut into slices

The finished tray including wasabe and pickled ginger ready to take home for Mr R to try too. He is also a sushi fan and was very impressed his wifey had made it!!

Next week I am visiting Yuki at her home for some more insight into Japanese cooking. Keep coming back to the blog to see how my new hobby is progressing!

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