Saturday, 16 February 2013

Unearthed - a Night of Olives

I was recently given the opportunity to attend an olive focus group in Camden Town, London last week.  The focus group was organised by Unearthed and after a welcome glass of white wine my niece and I started to work our way through the tasting of the specimens of olives.

We were each given a set of paperwork which asked us questions about each flavour selection of the olives as well as some water biscuits and a drink of water to cleanse the palet between each flavour. There were flavours such as Moroccan spice, Tuscan mix with cheese, Pesto, Mango, lime and chilli and more.

The different flavours of olives were in seperate groups and labelled and we worked our way around the selection, tasting and answering questions about each flavour such as appearance, living up to expectations, delivering on flavour, would we buy these in the supermarkets and a few others.

My niece doesn't eat a wide variety of foods and had never eaten an olive! Twenty years old and this was an entirely new experience for her.  She was very proud of herself that she had eaten 8 olives and they weren't as bad as she had thought they would be! A quail's egg in the afternoon and olives in the evening - what a memorable trip to London she was having!!
I really enjoyed the session and was extremely happy with the goodie bag we received to take home with loads of Unearthed products inside.  I will look forward to trying these products and will also keep an eye out for the olive flavours we tried at the group session.

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  1. I like olives in moderation - it's certainly possible to get too much of a good thing. I also dislike cooked olives; somehow they just don't seem right. To me an olive is a thing to accompany an aperitif!