Tuesday, 17 September 2013

A Frugal Kitchen - Market Bargains - Limes and Avacados

I was in London yesterday at an event near Leicester Square and had another appointment up near Oxford Circus.  I had loads of time between so I decided to walk and have a look around some of the places I used to visit when I worked in London many years ago.

I got to Berwick Street market more or less as they were packing up and eager to sell their fruit and vegetables.  At the start of the market avacados were £0.90 each or two for £1.50 but at the other end of the market there was a chap selling a bowl of avacados for £1.00 and it contained 4! So much better at £0.25 each! 

The avacados were not mushy either as sometimes is the case when you buy from a market at the end of the day.

Also there were bowls of limes for £1.00 and the one I bought contained 10!  Limes are usually around £0.33 each or at best 4 for £1.00 so £0.10 each didn't take me long to snap up this bargain.

I love having limes in the kitchen and they go so well with chillis, scallops, avacados and so much more but with 10 there is a chance I won't get to use them all in time.  If I use a recipe that calls for limes it usually wants the zest and juice so I zested and juiced three limes

and put them in the freezer in individual little bags ready for a recipe that calls for them.

Being frugal doesn't mean being cheap, it means using your brains and using your money to buy bargains that you can preserve in some way till you need them. I am very keen on being frugal and will be giving you lots of tips in the coming posts.

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  1. Oooo I love avocados but I always find that they are so overpriced in shops. Snapping up bargains at the market seems to be the way to go!