Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Blackberry Vodka

This summer has seen the most amazing and prolific wild blackberry yield I have ever known!

On my allotment we have had blackberries that are sweet, deep black and incredibly fragrant. Sparkly and suculent like black jewels just waiting to be picked and turned into amazing blackberry recipes.

I have made three different blackberry jams, blackberry chutney, blackberry jelly and we have had cakes, pies and just simple blackberries and cream.  The fragrance and the texture were absolutely beautiful.

In an attempt to use another harvesting of the berries and wanting to do something different I made blackberry vodka followed by blackberry Bacardi.

This was really simple to do and requires only a shaking from time to time and leaving for a couple of months before drinking.

Basically fill a large Kilner (or similar glass jar) with blackberries, add some granulated sugar and fill the jar with the vodka or Bacardi.

Clip the lid and gently shake and swirl until the sugar dissolves.  Every couple of days agitate the jar to make sure the sugar does not settle to the bottom.

In approximately 2-3 months you can strain the mixture and pour the liquid into clean, sterilised glass bottles and give as lovely gifts.  You can put the berries in a glass jar to keep for putting on a good quality vanilla ice cream.

Happy holidays!!

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