Wednesday, 4 September 2013

The Lake District Dairy Co Quark - a blogger challenge

A recent challenge was put to bloggers to come up with a great recipe to finish off summer with The Lake District Dairy Co.

You needed to use their 0% fat Quark which is rich and creamy and without the fat.  It is also higher in fibre than the alternatives of fromage frais or Greek yoghurts.

I decided to use my Wild Haddock Fillets from DelishFish. This fish comes straight from Scotland and goes into my freezer to emerge at a later date just as fresh as the day it arrived.

I simply placed the fish in an ovenproof stoneware dish. You could even put it in frozen and add another 5 minutes to your cooking time.

For a topping I mixed a carton of Lake District Dairy Co Quark with two teaspoons of sundried tomato paste and a few drops of Tabasco Chipotle sauce. I mixed this up and added two packets of Walkers new Mighty Light crisps broken up

which after mixing I spread on top of the fish.

A further packet of crisps crumbled on top and ready for the oven.

About 20 minutes in a moderate oven and ready to eat.

I served my Lake District Dairy Co Quark and crisp topped fish with steamed courgettes and finely sliced cucumber in vinagrette.

I was sent some Lake District Dairy Co Quark to use in my recipe. I have not been paid to write this post.

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  1. I found out about Lake District Quark last week through another blog. Great that something so useful is made in the UK by good producers who we can get to know a bit about.