Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Donald Russell - Royal Warrant Holding Butchers

You have never tasted better steak delivered to your door! That's what the advert for Donald Russell, Royal Warrant holding butcher claims.

Is it true? Lets find out.

They sent me the pack you see advertised inside magazines. Those little A5 pieces of paper promising you a one off bargain of award winning premium quality gourmet meat, those papers you usually throw away.

Well I can promise you, you should not throw the offer away and you definitely should take a chance and order this one.

For £29 you get over £65 worth of the tastiest and tenderest steak I have ever cooked at home!

For starters the box comes with the meat kept frozen inside with dry ice. There was a very clear warning about the need to wear gloves when handling the dry ice.  The packaging was very tasteful and informative. There was also a booklet called How To Meat Perfection.

Firstly I cooked the 6 mini gourmet burgers and the sausages that came with the offer.  Granddaughter (age 5) was staying and she loves meat including burgers and sausages and the little burgers were just perfect for her plate.  They were just minced beef without additives and fillers and were thick and meaty.

A few days later I  cooked the sirloin steaks and the pave rump steak for the grandaughter on the griddle pan. I just seasoned the meat before grilling to keep it simple. Oh my, the tastiest and tenderest steak I have ever cooked at home!

Miss Lizzie had her steak with some pasta and sauce and she ate every bit!

I served Mr R and myself a sweet potato and some allotment courgettes with our steak.  Sirloin heaven!
The following Saturday Mr R's father (FIL) came for dinner and we put the rib eye steaks on the BBQ.  I only had two rib eyes so also cooked the 4 pave rump medalions which FIL wanted.

I marinated them first in a little olive oil and seasonings before placing on the BBQ grill.

 I served the steaks with fresh sweetcorn, peas and also some potatoes from our allotment.  I also had fried onions for a side dish.  Believe me the whole meal was a taste sensation!

Again I say this meat is of the utmost quality with outstanding taste and texture.  I plan to buy this pack again in the future.

I was sent this pack for review and the opinions are my own and I was not paid to write a positive review.


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