Thursday, 12 September 2013

Miller & Carter Brookmans Park - restaurant review

I have been to a Miller & Carter restaurant before at their Wheathampstead restaurant and have always had a fantastic meal.

I was therefore more than happy to accept an invitation to review their new opening in Brookmans Park, Hertfordshire. I was originally going with a fellow blogger friend but she was unable to come at the last minute so Mr R valiantly stepped in!

We were greeted at the door and shown to the bar for a very refreshing glass of wine then shown to our table. This place is concentrating on cocktails as well as the usual beers and wines. Or why not call in for a perfect cool glass of champagne! They have their own mixologist in house and are happy for people to call in for a cocktail or two even if they are not dining that evening.

There is dining on two floors and a bar on each which should ensure you don't need to wait long for a drink having to come upstairs.

As well as a large open seating area there is also a private dining room for that special occasion and when you need some privacy.

Our initial table had wobbly leg syndrome but we were immediately ushed to another table which was level. A wobbly table is one of my pet hates and I felt this was dealt with perfectly.

All day I was thinking I would have a rib-eye steak and of course an extra portion of their famous Onion Loaf! I often dream of the Onion Loaf, sweet onions and just the right amount of crunchy outside - you have gotta try this!

For our starters Mr R had the Black Pearl Scallops, pan fried and served on black pudding with cute little strips of panccetta and a balsamic glaze.

I had what I alway have when it is available, Dusted Calamari with a homemade garlic and chive mayo. These little crisp rings have always been my favourite. I did giggle when the huge piece of lemon squirted lemon juice all over everything on the table!!

There was a nice list of starters and nibbles to pick from and maybe next time I will think of having something different.

Mr R usually has steak but surprised me by ordering Maple Glazed Lamb Rump, served on creamy mash with green beans and Mediterranean vegetables in a pine nut caponata, served with a bordelaise sauce.  This didn't last long and Mr R was oohhing and aahhing with each bite.

We shared a portion of Onion Loaf with our main meal, pure onion lovliness!

I love both steak and ribs and instead of the rib-eye I was planning to have I ordered the Steak & Ribs, an 8oz rump steak and a BBQ glazed half rack of lamb.  This was served with a jacket potato and slice of onion loaf.

One of the features of each steak meal is a wedge of iceberg lettuce with your choice of dressing - I usually have the Stilton and Blue Cheese.

As someone who loves dessert I must have been full because I passed up offerings such as Sticky Date & Ginger Pudding, Glazed Clotted Cream Rice Pudding and Chocolate and Raspberry Pot, any of which I would have loved to try!  Perhaps I will call in sometime just for coffee and dessert!

I settled instead for a floater coffee.  My large glass of white wine was more than enough alcohol on a school night so I had my coffee without liqueur but with the cream on the top!

This is in my opinion not an everynight meal but for a more special event.  Mr R was waiting in the car because he had just driven into our car park from work and it seemed just like a date night! Nice for the two of us to go out some where special on our own. 

I will positively be visiting this restaurant again soon and if you want a delicious, tender steak or for tht matter any of their main courses which are all of the same quality then you should visit one too.  There are other branches and you can find them on their website or by clicking here.  You can find them on Twitter and Facebook too and if you follow them you will get all their news and events.

As well as their extensive menu they offer a great Daytime Menu with a choice of one course, two courses or three courses.

Bearing in mind it was one of the training evenings there was very little out of place; the wrong butter on the steak, a missing salad but quickly found and a soft drink that never materialised are not that big of a deal and only mentioned because I am writing up about the meal. Certainly not enough to warrant a complaint!

We were guests of Miller & Carter but are not obliged to write a favourable review and all comments and views are my own.

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  1. It's making me hungry just looking at all that food, sounds like you had a lovely time. I can't remember the last time we managed a night out, I think it must have been a few years ago.