Thursday, 21 November 2013

LactoFree - lactose free cooking

I was recently invited to an event by Lactofree who make a range of lacto free products now widely available in supermarkets around the country.  The event was held at one of the premises of L'atelier des Chef the fashionable London cooking school.

I wasn't really sure what lacto free meant but it was soon explained. Milk, cheese, butter etc contain lactose and this can cause gastro-intestinal reactions in some people.  People who are lactose intolerant suffer symptoms of nausea, stomach cramps and bloating. Lacto intolerance is the body's inability to produce enough of the enzyme lactose which helps the natural sugar (lactose) be digested properly.

L'atelier Des Chefs cooking school in Central London provides a range of classes and this includes lactose free classes.

Lactofree make a range of products such as whole and semi-skimmed (fresh and UHT) milk, butter, cream, cream cheese, hard cheese, ice cream and fruit yoghurt and on the evening we were able to try cooking with all of the products at different cooking sections ready for us.

I was very pleased to find that there was no taste difference in these products and to test I asked Mr R to make the coffee over the following couple of days and not tell me if he used Lactofree or regular semi-skimmed milk.  I was not able to tell the difference!

I took my friend Val with me - she's always up for some cooking fun.

First of all scallops which were pan fried in the Lactofree butter.

It's also great when you get to meet up with fello blogger friends.

A creamy curry sauce using Lactofree double cream.

Lactofree cream cheese on tiny blini pancakes with smoked salmon slices.


And finally turning cupcakes into mini creations with piped whipped cream cheese, mmmm tasty!

Even if you are not lactose intolerant it never hurts to leave it out of your daily cuppa from time to time.  I will be buying it in the future. Thank you Lactofree for my goodie bag of great products. All opinions are my own.

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