Sunday, 17 November 2013

Tesco's Finest - New Image Same Great Product

Many times I pick up the free supermarket magazines whilst shopping and after flicking through them at home I put them straight into the re-cycling bag.

However the latest issue of the Tesco magazine with a huge pumpkin grinning at me on the front really caught my eye.  Intrigued I sat down with a cup of coffee and started reading.
Inside there was a pull out issue highlighting the new design of the ‘Finest’ range in-store and a page each on some of the great items in the range.

I was recently invited to an evening at one of the larger Tesco branches highlighting the new design of the Finest range.  Earlier that day I had been in my local branch and noticed the new design and made a mental comment to on it.  It is a much darker branding giving the range a more mature and deeper look and feel.  It draws the consumer to have a look and maybe buy or maybe not but you do notice it.

The inside of the range is the same but the new package branding really makes it stand out both on the shelves and on the end of bay displays. In fact on the display of Tesco Finest Scottish Shortbread there was one of the older branding and one of the newer and before I realised that they were both the same I was automatically drawn to the new image.

I was given some of the products after attending the Customer Evening and inside there was a package of Finest Wild Mushrooms which I used in my sausage and mushroom casserole for bonfire night (see blog post). 

The wild mushrooms were in a mixed pack which gave a range of mushroom flavour and texture to my casserole.  Most of these mushrooms are foraged in Scotland by a select group of foragers who know what to pick and what not to.  Picking these mushrooms leaves micro spores on the gloves and hands of the foragers and get dropped off somewhere else ensuring the mushrooms carry on growing.
There are loads of products in the Finest range including the Pastas, cheeses, deli hams, olives and so much more.

This mature blue stilton was perfectly ripe and creamy and is only one of a huge selection in-store.

You can get all the info about these and other products in the monthly Tesco Magazine in-store or on-line.

I enjoyed a nice session with the Tesco Finest range. I did not receive any payment to write this review but I did get a nice goodie bag for attending.  All views and opinions are my own.

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