Monday, 13 October 2014

Big Al's BBQ Ribs - a North Carolina Treat

 I visited my sister in her new home in North Carolina for the first time this summer and was looking forward to all the treats she had in store for me that she had been telling me about.
"They are the best ribs around" she said and that we would get some one night for dinner.
We stopped at Big Al's on our way home and ordered three racks of ribs.  I was thinking that three racks might not be enough for us so I persuaded her to get a fourth rack. I was thinking along UK racks of ribs.  I certainly wasn't expecting to see such huge racks of meat and wasn't ready for the flavour.  The meat just fell off the bone it was so tender. Oh the flavour!!

You can order BBQ Pork or Brisket that just melts in your mouth, ribs or chicken and a Southern favourite of Fried Catfish fillets!  They have side orders of exotics to us Northerners like Fried Okra, Collard Greens and Hush Puppies.
Whilst we were waiting for our order we were looking over the extensive range of sauces to take home (you fill a small container of a couple) a nice gentleman started to talk to us about the sauce range.  My sister said that was Big Al himself.
We chatted about his business and he invited me into the kitchen to see the pork that was slowly cooking, ready for the following day.
A huge oven/smoker which opened up to reveal its precious contents which cook for hours till the meat falls off the bones. This was a consignment of pork shoulder.
When I got back to the UK and told Mr R about Big Al's he said he had just watched the television programme 'Man-vs-Food' and it had featured Big Al and his ribs!

Big Al gave me a bottle of one of his sauces to take home promising me it wasn't "a real hot one"! I think I will open it with my son-in-law just in case it is too hot for me!

I am looking forward to taking Mr R to Big Al's when we visit my sister again.

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I was not paid to write this and as usual all opinions and photos are my own.



  1. The portions in America are sooo big, looks like you had a lovely time in America.

    1. There is so much to discover and try there but I love every minute I am in the USA