Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Malaysia Night in Trafalgar Square

When I woke up the other morning I knew very little about Malaysian food except my perception that it would blow your socks off!! I knew that it used a lot of lime, ginger, chilli and coconut milk but not much more

I love flavour and warmth in a dish but not too happy when my mouth is on fire!

I was invited to attend a master class cooking with Malaysian chef Norman Musa at the recent Malaysian Night festival in Trafalgar Square.

Norman Musa has a seccessful restaurant in Manchester and teaches people all over the world how to cook Malaysian food at home.  His book Malaysian Food is a collection of Norman's favourite recipes with easy to follow recipes.  Norman is a global ambassador for Malaysan cooking.

During our masterclass with him we cooked a recipe from his book
which was a Gulay Ayam - Malay Chicken Curry.  We began with all the ingredients laid out neatly in front of our cooking station as we watched Norman make the curry.
Then we began to make our own Gulay Ayam. Frying in vegetable oil the onion, garlic and ginger along with the cinnamon bark, star anise and a folded pandan leaf.
We added Norman's own spice blend mixed with tamarind water
Once we made the curry we proceeded to make a traditional bread called a Roti Canai, a delicious golden piece of bread to soak up the curry. To make this takes time and dedication and we made one in a couple of minutes! Perhaps not ready to open a Roti Canai restaurant just yet!
When we were finished we ate our creations.  I really enjoyed my lunch, not too hot and spicy but with a lovely warmth and depth.
After the masterclass I enjoyed the rest of the Malaysia Night festivities. Whilst I waited for Mr R to join me, I was able to meet Dhruv Baker, previous Masterchef 2011 winner and watch him make a couple of Malaysian dishes, and met Ping Coombes winner of Masterchef 2014.
We were treated to lovely Malaysian entertainment and a selection of food and drinks. 
It was a lovely London day starting in a quiet Trafalgar Squre but ending in a busy, bustling Trafalgar square - in the heart of this great city.
It was a lovely chance to have a date night with Mr R. He had an early finish at work and met me at Trafalgar Square.
We had our pictures taken,
and walked around the square tasting some of the different restaurants' offerings.  Mr R had a spicy beef wrap with salad and I tried a plate of Char Kuey Teow - a Malaysian spectacular of flat rice noodles stir fried with garlic, juicy prawns and beansprouts.

The evening was put on by Malaysian Kitchen who promote Malaysian food and drink in the UK and this was the 5th annual event when they take over Trafalgar Square in London. Malaysian Kitchen is on a mission to tell the UK all about the tastes of Malaysian food - it is your first step to discovering the wonders and variety of Malaysian food.

Thanks to Malaysian Kitchen for inviting me to experience this evening of Malaysian culture.

I was not paid to attend and as usual all opinions and photos are my own.






  1. I love Malaysian food so I am envious of the fab time you guys had.

    1. It was really my first encounter with this cuisine and I loved it!

  2. The flavours sound fantastic Heidi, but my experience of Malaysian food is that it is very meat orientated.

    1. You can leave out the meat any time and add extra vegetables!

  3. I adore Malaysia and the food. In fact Mr Glam and I got married in Malaysia. Sounds like a fab night, I'll be looking out for it next year. GG

    1. Hope to see you there next year! I will let you know if I find out first.

  4. I would love to have done that masterclass. You maybe know I was born in Malaysia...

    1. I didn't know that Mark. It was a fun class. Norman Musa runs classes in London - check out his web site.

  5. Yummmmmmmmm....Great Spidey cake!!

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