Friday, 31 October 2014

Thermos Overnight Coffee Challenge

Thermos brand flasks have been around for years, since 1904 in fact. I remember when I was younger, when the inside was a silvered glass container which broke if you knocked it. Now they are the leaders of the durable stainless steel flask and vacuum insulation technology.
Now a days Thermos are state of the art for keeping your hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold.  I have often wanted to buy a flask, looked at the price of the Thermos and bought a cheaper item only to wish that I had bought the Thermos, the best, in the first place.

I was recently invited to take part in the Thermos Overnight Coffee Challenge. Arriving at Prufrock Coffee in Central London where we were first taught all the hints and tips to be a top Barista (read Mr R's account coming soon).

When the event finished we were given a large Thermos flask (1.2L vacuum insulated beverage flask) with coffee brewed at mid-day and challenged not to open it until the following morning and to report whether the coffee was still hot. It should be because the flask keeps liquids hot for approx 24 hours.
As difficult as it was, I resisted the urge to see if the liquid was still hot!  The following morning we tried the coffee. It was warm but not hot.  I was disappointed but I had an inkling as to why it was not.  The amount of coffee in the flask was only about half capacity.
I decided to do my own coffee challenge. Firstly I filled the flask to the top with boiling water and put the top on. When the kettle boiled again I tipped out the boiling water and filled the flask with my coffee. Lid securely on and flask put to one side on the work top and left until morning.

The result the following morning .............. Coffee as hot as when it was made! The trick is to warm your flask and fill it with your hot coffee, tea or soup.

Many thanks to Thermos for the 1.2L flask and for the 470ml insulated travel tumbler we got to take home. I know these will keep us supplied with hot drinks on the allotment for years to come!

For more details find them on Twitter #OvernightCoffee

I was not paid to write a positive review and as always all opinions and photos are my own.


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