Friday, 15 March 2013

Friday is fish night

It started with a kiss in the song but today in my kitchen it started with a feta cheese and a freezer of fish!! I had seen someone on TV cook a feta cheese on top of sliced tomatoes which I thought made a good start.

I did a fridge veg raid and found 1.5 red peppers, a pack of button mushrooms, some little vine tomatoes and some normal salad tomatoes.  I roasted all the veg in olive oil and for the last 25 mins placed a block of feta cheese on top sprinkled with herbs and some of the oil from the vegetables.

Then there was the question of what to have with the cheesy vegetables.

Being Friday I looked in my freezer and picked out some fantastic looking salmon filets. They were sent to my by Fish-is-the-Dish and were provided by Delish Fish up there in the north of Scotland.  This fish is so fresh and delicious.

I marinated the fish in a bit of olive oil, juice and rind of one lemon, grated fresh ginger (I keep a piece of ginger root peeled in the freezer and just grate from frozen whenever I need it), a couple of tablespoons of My Secret Kitchen Miso Dressing with Ginger and salt & pepper.

I pan fried the salmon at a high heat and poured the marinade in at 2-3 intervals to keep the fish moist.  This worked really well and we had beautiful, moist and very tasty fish with lovely cheesy roast vegetables and broccoli for dinner.

Accompanied by a glass of crisp, cold Chablis wine and this was indeed a Friday Feast!!

(The fish was sent to me from Fish-is-the-Dish)

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