Thursday, 28 March 2013

Farmison Meat Box

With prices rising and the size of products shrinking these days it is rare to have a pork chop on your plate that is almost too big to fit into your mouth. Trust me that would be big!!

I was recently sent a box of meat from Farmison to try. It was one of their monthly meet boxes loaded with enough meat to keep us going for a month.

Farmison supply a wide range of different cuts of meat to suit all tastes and family sizes. Their meat is from small specialist producers and wherever possible it is free range and sometimes organic.  The meat tastes great and is delivered chilled and specially packed ready to eat or suitable for freezing.

One of the packs contained 4 huge pork chops and I split this into two. These chops had been hung for 14 days to improve the flavours.

I marinated the chops in Miso Dressing with Ginger and when ready to cook browned them on both sides , popped them into a roasting pan, poured the marinade over and cooked them in the oven for about 25 minutes,

The chops were cooked so that there was no pink inside but they were not over cooked and were still lovely and tender. They had a nostalgic flavour of pork from the past

I served them with a rice dish and salad. It was nice to know there were still two chops in the freezer!!

A week later and Mr R was asking for those lovely pork chops again.  Deciding to be a bit different this time I rubbed the chops in a little coking oil and sprinkled a selection of dried herbs including salt, pepper, chilli, oregano, rosemary and more.  I massaged the herbs into both sides of the chops, placed them on a small stoneware baking tray and then sprinkled each chop with breadcrums.

I put the sweetpotato (cut in two halves) in the oven about 45 minutes before I put the chops in (190oC).  Served the pork chops with sweet potato and pickles for a great mid-week supper.

Farmison also have a Greencrocer department and a Cheesemonger and supply a great selection from these as well as the Butchery.  Why not give them a try!

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  1. Yes, those chops certainly look first class! The horsemeat scandal has hopefully made a few more people think carefully about where they get their meat, and how it is produced. When you get something that is evidently NOT processed, like those chops, it is so much easier to feel confident that you are getting something good.