Monday, 18 March 2013

Puro Fairtrade Coffee - coffee roasting and my caffeine fix!

There is a lot of talk out in the blogesphere about Fairtrade and as it has recently been Fairtrade Week I am pleased to have been sent a selection of coffee from Puro Fairtrade Coffee.

The mystery parcel as it was delivered!! What could be inside?
Well inside was a selection of coffees, hot chocolate, sugar, cups and a cafetiere for one (the glass of which unfortunately was broken upon arrival). All of the products bearing the fairtrade mark.

I do love my coffee and from the moment I wake up (Mr R) leaves a cup by my bedside and often keeps my cup toppued up till bedtime (yes, I have a coffee before bed and it never keeps me awake and it isn't decaf) I tend to drink only coffee.  I do have a particular habit of drinking it even after it has gone cold (well I did grow up in Ice Coffee land!).

Puro Fairtrade Coffee is committed to saving the Rainforest. Money from the sale of each cup has gone to set up Puro Reserves the size of 5,600 acres in Equador, Columbia and Brazil.  Each consumer is contributing towards the fight against poverty and supporting education and sustainability in these and other countries.

Puro was created in 2005 and has alway sourced Fairtrade and organic coffee. It is a company that promotes growing with an ethical and environmental awareness giving the consumer the knowledge that their purchase is paving a way for a better future. Puro are working alongside the World Land Trust to buy and protect areas of rainforest in South America.

Puro send me three different types of coffee, all ground for cafetiere to try: Puro Fuerte - with origins in Guatemala, Peru, Honduras and the Congo. It is a fragrant dark roast with a touch of spice; Puro Organhic whose origins are Peru and Honduras and is 100% of finest Arabica which combines soft notes of sweet chocolate with tangy citrus and Puro Noble a lovely shade grown coffee originating in Guatemala, Peru, Honduras and the Congo. This coffee is  a mix of the finest Arabica and premium Robusta. Its a rich and lively medium roast with hints of fruit and hazelnut.  This is the one that I have tried so far and being a medium roast is perfectly suited for me. In fact the kettle is on at this moment and I am going to have another cup!

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