Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Slow Cooking Weekday

It's cold and not very spring like today and really calls for some nice warming food!

I have two recipes on the go, a slow boiling chicken stock made with the remnants of Sunday's roast chicken, courtesy of Farmison (I received their March monthly meat box recently packed full of beautiful products like bacon, pork chops, rack of lamb, corn fed chicken and more.) Their meat is free range and each part of the selection is wrapped ready for freezing. I put most of the box full in the freezer but kept the whole chicken out for last Sunday lunch.

The meat on the chicken was moist and tasty and full of flavour that seems to be missing from the average supermarket chicken.  We got 5 portions out of this plus a lovely carcass for soup.

I put the carcass into my stock pot, added celery, onion and carrots. Some salt flakes and pepper corns and ready to boil. I let this slow boil for a couple of hours, strained the stock and then readded the carrot, celery and bits of chicken. Blitz this with my hand mixer, check the seasoning, add a couple of drops of Tabasco sauce and delicious!!

At the same time I started off some beef ribs that I bought at the farmer's market on Sunday. I the ribs in my slow cooker at 09:00 along with carrots, onion, carrots and parsnips all cut into slightly thicker lengths than usual but I wanted them to mirror the ribs.

I poured about a cup of leftover red wine (I know how can you have left over wine!) and a cup of water, Lea & Perrins worcester sauce, soya sauce and salt & peppercorns.

I pretty much left this alone all day and about 20:00 added a Knorr beef gravy pot and put on the potatoes and broccoli.

Easy, delicious one pot cooking so I could get on with things and less washing up. And best of all, Mr R has some to take for his lunch tomorrow!!


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