Monday, 19 August 2013

It's official! London's favourite meal is a Roast Dinner!!

Tesco recently surveyed 2000 UK parents and a roast dinner came out as the number one family meal in London and the South East.

I couldn't agree more. Britons are passionate about their food but many are frightened to experiment at home, leaving that for eating out.

Although we sit glued to the TV watching Nigella, Greg & John, Nigel and many others we still go for a traditional roast chicken, roast potatoes and gravy!

Tesco have launched their new campaign 'Love Every Mouthful', about making and eating fantastic food and celebrating and sharing food with friends and family, and asked me to try out an alternate recipe for a weekday roast chicken. They sent me all the ingredients to make a Glazed Roast Chicken and serve with Charlotte potatoes and tenderstem broccoli.

It was really easy to first make a sticky glaze out of clear honey, soy sauce, garlic, ginger and rice wine.

Simply brush half the glaze on the chicken and pop it into the over for 50 minutes. Pour over the rest of the sticky glaze and cook for another 30 minutes

and at this time pop the potatoes into the oven with olive oil and lemon slices. Alough the recipe said to pop the potatoes into the oven I would personally par boil them next time. They did take longer than the 30 minutes to cook and could have been softer.

I served the meal with the tenderstem broccoli and courgettes which came from my allotment this afternoon!

Mr R was very happy to come home on a Monday night to roast chicken!

For the recipe and over 7,000 others click here!

Thank you Tesco for all the ingredients to make this delicious meal.

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  1. I think this survey just shows how thick the average Tesco shopper is! "Roast Dinner" is a meaningless term. It assumes that all things roasted are the same. No-one would suggest that all fried foods are necessarily the same, so why do they suggest that roast chicken is the same as roast beef and roast pork? And of course the sticky glaze that you describe is far from traditional "Roast Dinner" fare! This is not to say that I don't enjoy roast meat of most sorts accompanied with vegetables of most sorts! :)