Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Stellar brings you lightweight cast iron cookware

Although I am primarily a writer of food and drink it is occasionally necessary to receive and review the equipment that helps me cook the food.

I was sent a 24cm saute pan by Stellar to try in my kitchen and put it through it's paces.  I have a problem lifting with my left wrist but love cast iron cookware however recently have had difficulty lifting .

Very light and easy to lift but made of cast iron! It is easy to clean with an enameled coated interior and works on all hob types. you can even use it in the oven up to 190o and of course clean it in the dishwasher however as I don't have one I clean it in the sink and it is really easy to clean.

It has a flat base to distribute the heat and has a vented glass lid so you can keep track of what you are cooking even with the lid on.

I used this pan to saute chicken pieces for a chicken casserole

Bacon, onion and garlic for a pasta sauce

I used this pan for several recipes to try it out and each time was very happy with it. It really did clean easily which is always a bonus.

Thanks very much to Stellar for sending me this saute pan to try. I will use it for many meals to come!


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