Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Mighty Lights from Walkers - Crisps with 30% less fat

Nanny can I have some crisps? Normally I would have to think about that question due to the fat content of conventional crisps but now that Walkers have brought out Mighty Lights with 30% less fat the answer is more likely to be 'Yes'.

Mighty Lights are new from Walkers and just in time for back to school and those dreaded packed lunches!  It isn't easy to come up with new and innovative ideas for the lunch box and still keep it healthy. Now you know you can pop some crisps in that are a bit healthier than the competition.

There are no artificial colours or preservatives, no MSG and 30% less fat.  They are also a source of fibre and are suitable for vegetarians (yes, even the Roast Chicken flavour!).

There are three flavours of these non-greasy, ridged crisp, Cheese & Onion - throws some people that it is in a blue packet as I am sure it used to be green (my favourite), Lightly Salted and Roast Chicken. 

My 5 year old granddaughter is staying with me this week and we taste tested them together.  I have a duty to her parents to give her healthy things to eat whilst she is visiting and always pleased to find something I can honestly tell her parents is better than the average. I noticed that our fingers weren't greasy from eating them and MissLizzie just loved the taste and crunch.  Kids love the taste and you don't have to feel guilty saying yes when they want some.

Can I have another packet please Nanny? So time to think about the sandwiches you will be making in a few weeks, the fruit you will be putting into the lunch boxes and being able to give them a little something they will want to eat (you won't get them sharing their Mighty Bites!) and head down to the new addition to the crisp isle.
And they are not just for school lunch boxes, mums and dads who take their lunch or a snack to work will find them just as nice. No guilt feelings when you open a packet of these at your desk.
They are new and just in time for back to school and are available in shops nationwide and are retailing at about £1.99 for a six pack.

This is a sponsored post from Walkers and they sent me a six pack of each flavour to review.

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