Sunday, 27 July 2014

Adult Ice Cream time!

Watching the grandchildren with their home made smoothie ice lollies and fruit juice ice treats got me thinking - what about the adults?

I came up with a cunning plan after I bought a nice lolly mould reduced in the supermarket! 
Which liqueurs or spirits would work well in a nice lolly ?

At a recent food blogger conference we were served copious amounts of Patron Tequila and in our goodie bags to take home was a miniature bottle of Patron Cafe Tequilla.
Here is my first attempt at adult lollies.

35ml Patron Cafe Tequilla
125gm melted dark chocolate 
2Tbsp finely chopped walnuts or pecan nuts (these cab either mix through before freezing or use to coat the outside before serving!)
1Tsp chocolate or coffee essence
300ml double cream

Melt the chocolate in the microwave stirring every 20 seconds until almost melted then stir until smooth and melted

Add the chocolate to 300 ml double cream

Add the coffee essence and cafe tequila until the consistency is creamy
(you can either add the chopped nuts now or wait and coat the outside of the lolly before serving)

Pour or pipe the mixture into ice lolly moulds and freeze overnight.
Take out of the freezer about 5 minutes before eating so that the lolly will easily slide out of the mould.
Rich and creamy, coffee & chocolate tequila ice lolly


Enjoy responsibly!!!
I did not receive any payment to write this post and as usual all opinions and photographs are my own.


  1. What a great idea! I've had frozen tequila before but I love the idea of combining with coffee and chocolate too - a thoroughly grown up ice lolly ;)

  2. They went down really well - smooth and creamy and that lovely cafe tequilla taste!

  3. Brilliant idea! I'm not drinking but I'm sure some of my friends would love them ;)

    1. You can just vary the amount of alcohol you use but they taste good anyway

  4. Oh nice idea Heidi. I'm with you all the way!

  5. Lovely idea Heidi.Bet your friends will love you serving this to them.

    1. I loved the Patron tequilla and it did add a nice little kick to the ice cream!