Monday, 21 July 2014

Summer Perks - Week 2!

Perk!er is a small UK company with a passion to create a range of gluten free treats that are tasty and nutritious with nutritious breakfasts, indulgent treats and delicious breads.

As part of Perk!er's 'Perk up Your Summer' campaign I get a surprise box each week in July with something to make our summer time more enjoyable.

Last week I received the fabulous pic-nic hamper so what could be better? What could be a load of fun?

The simple answer is a huge water soaker!! I shrieked out loud when I opened the box!
What a perfect thing to create a bit of mayhem!  It was my grandson's 5th birthday last weekend so what could cause more laughter and chaos than a giant water soaker gun!
I wrapped the gun up as part of the birthday presents and presented it at the appropriate moment.  His little eyes nearly popped out of his head.
'Me Too' (who will be two next month) looked at the gun and said "My gun?".  His little face beamed into a huge smile when I gave him a mini water pistol, just right for his little hands. "My gun!"
The rest of the party was spent getting everyone wet and trying not to get wet yourself!

Being able to perk up our summer (#summerperks) with a convenient and healthy snack was a great idea, but with a water soaker it was even more fun!!
Thanks to Perk!er for the water soaker and samples of treats. I will be perking up our summer this week. I can hardly wait to see the next surprise!

All opinions and photos are as usual my own.

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  1. Oh bless him! What a great gift in this weather :)
    Janie x

  2. I must say Jane we did have fun! Even I got shot!

  3. What a great idea, love the 'me too'!

  4. 'Me too' wants everything his brother has, he's so cute too!

  5. Well you had the perfect weather for a water gun as well as the occasion - what fun.

  6. We did indeed have fun, even I got soaked by the birthday boy, as it was hot I actually liked it!!