Wednesday, 16 July 2014

How to get addicted to Patron Tequila

At this year's Food Blogger Connect there was a plethera of food and drink stalls for use to visit on an unlimited basis throughout the conference (as there usually is!) .

The one that surprised me was Patron Tequila! This was the first time I tried this brand, thinking that tequila was for rough drinks and drinkers! I learned that there are tequila and tequilas! Silver Patron is one of the smooth ones, I tried a straight shot and was impressed with the taste, smoothness and lack of fire coming out of my nose!
On arrival at the conference held in the beautiful, old Battersea Arts Centre, we started on the tequila cocktails!  
We had them with ginger beer, tonic water, vegetable juice (first one Saturday morning was a tequila Bloody Mary at 10:00 am!) and of course neat!!
Patron also make a cafe tequila liqueur! This is sensational over ice and sipped but started mind reeling with thoughts of cafe tequila cake icing or jelly or even a steak sauce!!
The two guys serving us all weekend were great fun any seemed to enjoy helping us to keep the veins topped up with Patron tequila the whole time!
I had only ever had a Bloody Mary made with vodka, making it a first time I had one made with tequila - I might add that we started on them at about 10:30am on the second day! Boy were they good. After an early start to get there in time they went down really really well!!

Thanks Patron for keeping us hydrated all weekend!! What will Food Blogger Connect surprise us with next year?

All opinions and photos are my own as usual.







  1. Ohhhhh yes I remember Patron Tequila. Fab drink and fab staff.

  2. They did make the weekend have a different dimension!!

  3. Thos cocktails sounds fabulous Heidi but I'm rather disappointed to see there is no picture of you with fire coming out of your nose.

    1. I got so used to the drinks that there was no fire!!