Friday, 18 July 2014

CafePod - Clever Coffee Capsule

We do love our coffee in this household and Mr R especially loves his Nespresso machine. This machine uses little sealed capsules to ensure you get the perfect fresh cup every time. The only drawback is that the capsules are not sold in shops which means you either have to order on line or by phone or pop into one of their exclusive shops in London.

Recently a few coffee companies have started producing capsules which are 'Nespresso Compatible' and are more readily available.

I have been sent a range of Cafepod capsules to try with our Nespresso machine.  I was sent four different strengths to try.
I will say that they do deliver that lovely, inviting 'coffee shop' smell when you make them!

Cafepod capsules are individually sealed to maximise freshness, ensuring you enjoy your favourite blend at home as their Master Roasters intended time after time.
The Cafepods come in five different strengths and are suitable for most occasions during the day when you need that special taste of freshly brewed coffee.

I drink my Espresso Ristretto when I am needing some fortitude to keep going when I am on a roll writing for my blog! This is a strength 10, strong but not bitter.
Breakfast time is perfect for the Espresso Smooth, a taste strength of 5, perfect to start the day!

The Espresso Aribica Lungo (strength 4 - medium and smooth) went perfectly with my Pecan Pie that I my sister made for me to bring home from the States!
Thanks to Cafepod for sending me a selection of their coffee capsules.  I did not receive any payment for this and as usual all opinions and photos are my own.


  1. I love coffee and can't wait to buy my own coffee machine ideally with cafe pods and with ground coffee option too! Those cafepods may be worth trying :)

    1. They are a really good, fresh coffee perfect every time.

  2. I've used these coffee pods for my Nespresso machine too. I was pleasantly surprised and really so much easier than remembering to order on line. GG

    1. We always forget to order on line for the nespresso pods too and very rarely are in London to visit the boutiques so I am always happy to find an alternative!