Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Aaahhh Bisto!

Last week I had a great time visiting the test kitchens of Premier Foods and being treated to a demonstration, followed by tasting 8 recipes made by the lovely Sue.  Each recipe had one of the flavours of Bisto gravy granules included or served with it.

Sue and her hob busy cooking lots for us to taste.

Shephers's Lost His Sheep Pie (with Quorn Mince)

Cottage Pie with Butternut Squash Thatch

Bangers with Red Onion Gravy & Root Veg Mash & Bisto Favourite Gravy

Bisto Favourite Meatballs and Mash & Bisto gravy
Toad in the Hole With a Twist & Bisto Onion Gravy

Midweek Chicken Roast with Bisto Chicken Gravy
This weekend I stayed at my daughter's house for a couple of days and we decided to make the 'Midweek Chicken Roast with Bisto Chicken Gravy recipe. It is really simple. You leave it all to cook in one roasting dish and after about an hour you have a really tasty , simple and cheap hot dinner. The recipe called for chicken thighs to be wrapped in the bacon but I had three large chicken breast fillets and I sliced each one into four slices and wrapped each one in the bacon. The gravy really finished off the dish perfectly.

Son-in-law was very happy to come home from work to this for his dinner!

An interesting fact that I learned at this event is that the Bisto Favourite Gravy granules is suitable for vegetarians!

The stars of the show!!


  1. Interesting post, Heidi, the idea of a one tray weekday roast dinner is fantastic - definitely cuts down on the work and washing up!!

    1. Thanks Charlotte and the best bit was how tasty it was. The gravy really added the finishing touch!