Monday, 15 April 2013

Fish Pie starts the week - Fish is the Dish

There is fish pie and there is MY fish pie! 

Fish is the Dish has set a challenge for some of us to eat fish twice a week so this week I decided to try a fish pie.  The fish I used in this was sent to my by DelishFish - fresh fish caught of the north coast of Scotland (they are based in Peterhead near Aberdeen) and each fillet is packed individually, labelled and ready to eat or store in the freezer.

For my fish pie I cooked my fish selection in the microwave briefly so it wouldn't need as long to cook in the mixture.  I used two cod fillets, one haddock fillet, one salmon fillet and one smoked haddock fillet and flaked them into fairly good size pieces.

I added this to the white sauce I made and to which I also added a Tablespoon of Maille Dijon Mustard with Honey (a new addition to their Dijon family), salt and pepper and a good glug of white wine.  I also added some frozen peas and sweetcorn.

The base of the fish pie all ready to put in the baking dishes.

For the potato topping I made some mashed potato.  I boiled some potatoes until soft, drained them and put them back into the pan.  I only added a little butter and salt & pepper and when creamy I added Total Greek Yoghurt.  This made the mash extra smooth and creamy.

I made a lot more than I  had planned to so there was plenty for dinner on the night, a small one for Missie W (5 year old grandaughter) and one for the freezer.  I also put some in a casserole with out the topping so that my father-in-law could take one home, freeze it and add fresh mash when he was ready to eat it.

The results of my efforts and now to wait for dinner!!

Dinner for me, Mr R and FIL + a salad and we were all stuffed.

One for the freezer and one for Missie W
For father-in-law to take home for his freezer
After I put the mash on the top I baked it in the oven for about 25 minutes to brown the topping and make sure the filling was piping hot. The fish pie was really delicious and everyone was satisfied with their dinner. 

Missie W had her dinner first and as you can see she was enjoying watching TV and eating!

After supper Missie W showed my FIL how she was learning to read at school

But at bedtime only a story from Grandad (Mr R) will do.

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