Monday, 29 April 2013

Something for the little people

I have been sent a childs vacuum insulated food jar by Contigo.  When the lid is fitted correctly this container is leakproof. It will keep cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot which is very helpful when temperature is important to the contents.

I have a new allotment and have plans of entertaining the grandchildren when they visit this summer. It will be vital to bring their refreshments with us and I will be putting the Contigo insulated food jar through its paces for sure.

I will also be cheeky and use it to take some fresh milk to the allotment for our coffee. Stainless steel keeps your milk cold even on hot summer days so no spoiled milk or the need to drink black coffee.

It is small with a brightly coloured lid. The handle is plastic so it won't get too hot for the little people to pick up if the contents inside are hot. The lid is fitted securely so it won't accidentally come open when little fingers are fiddling with it. So all I can say is "Cheers!"

1 comment:

  1. Ah how clever, something that keeps something cold or hot.