Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Saleen Placemats - keeping the area clean!

As a blogger most of the products I get sent are for adults or general consumption but they are not usually for the little people!  The placemeats I have been sent to review are perfect for the visiting little people.

My house is not really child proof and at mealtimes I do tend to hover with a cloth when they have their meals.  How nice it will be to pop one of these mats underneath and not worry.

There are six fun and amusing designs to choose from such as Balancing Zebras, Hens, Egg Cups, Cow Parade, Birds and Cats.  I picked Hens and Balancing Zebras to have at my house.

Perfect for everyday, but certainly not ordinary.
Saleen Polypropylene Place Mats are:
  • hygienic,
  • washable,
  • dishwasher-safe,
  • food-safe and
  • withstand temperature up to 70°C! That's pretty hot.

So the next time one of the little people visit we will be keeping nice and clean!

These mats will add a bit of fun to mealtimes and have an RRP of £6.95 each. Size 30cm x 43cm

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