Saturday, 13 April 2013

Supper on a budget!

I am always saying that you can eat well and spend little and today's supper is another example of this.

My friend wanted to visit Aldi today so I went along for the ride. I wasn't really planning on getting anything but you never know.

My friend picked up a tin of new potatoes and said she uses them sliced up and fried with bacon for a quick working breakfast.  As the tin of potatoes cost £0.15 I decided to try some.

I also bought a large pack of mushrooms for £0.69 (and I used about 1/2 of the pack) and made some creamed mushrooms. I sauteed the sliced mushrooms in about 1 Tablespoon butter and one of sunflower oil. When they had cooked down I added some flour and cooked it for 2 minutes then milk to make a creamy sauce.  A few taste additions like chilli, salt & pepper and the result was lovely.

For the fried potatoes I sauteed two small onions and two sticks of celery that I had in the fridge (the cost of these would not have been much but we could assign a value of £0.60 for arguments sake) and sliced up the tin of potatoes.  I didn't have any bacon but I did have some left over bacon fat from some outstanding bacon we had on the weekend from Farmisons. At the end of cooking I sprinkled half a pack of corriander chopped up (the pack had been reduced to £0.45 so that was about £0.20 worth).

Both of these dishes were served with an Aldi pack of German Bratwurst which cost £1.79 and which I shallow fried in my griddle pan so didn't need much oil, in fact just a drizzle.

So all in all, with a quess as to the cost of the cupboard/fridge incidentals I would say that dinner tonight cost £2.85-£3.00 for two of us, that's approximately £1.45 per portion.  A delicious dinner and it didn't cost a fortune just a little imagination!

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  1. Well yes, I reckon that is a lovely plateful and fantastic value. We occasionally shop in Aldi, and Lidl which is similar, and if you shop wisely you can pick up some good bargains. We particularly like the big tins of soup from Lidl. There is a Lentil and Sausage one which is really good.