Thursday, 3 October 2013

A Fun Lunchtime with Warburtons - Sandwich Alternatives

I love sandwiches, for lunch as traditionally eaten but breakfast and supper are great times for a sandwich too.  In fact feeling peckish - pick up a couple slices of bread and put your favourite in the middle and there you go, the perfect snack.

Sandwiches were reported to have first been served to John Montagu, 4th Earl of Sandwich (1718-1792)  by his butler to give him something to eat to avoid him having to leave the gambling table when he was hungry.  They are great to take out with you to eat away from home especially if you don't want to get stung for high food prices in snack bars and restaurants and they can come in all sorts of shapes and sizes.

Warburtons, family bakers, have gone one step further to the traditional loaf and now have a range of Sandwich Alternatives which include Square Thins, Square Wraps and Pitta Pockets, all in wholemeal and white.  These products let you use your imagination at sandwich time. 

I don't like a lot of bread but need something to hold the slices of ham and cheese or peanut butter and jam! For me the Square Thins are perfect.  I have been buying them since they first came out and often pop some in the freezer to have when I need to make a sandwich for work.

Warburtons invited myself and some other bloggers to Food at 52, a great cookery school in London to 'play' sandwich time!  We were greeted with this major ingredient layout

and during our morning with chef James Ramsden we made and ate lots of sandwiches.

The first challeng we were given fa ree range to create our own perfect lunch.  I made a tripple decker with roast beef with horseraddish, roasted peppers and topped with pastrami with pickles.  I needed a step ladder to reach the top! It was certainly delicious.

Next we tackled "British with a Twist".  Some of my fellow sandwich makers came up with outstanding combinations.  Michelle made an open Spam and fried egg on square thin. Genius!  My sandwich was a 'deconstructed' Coronation Chicken. Chicken, mango chutney, lettuce, walnuts and the twist was a slice of mozzarella.

Our third and final session we were tasked with 'International'.  Again there were some really inventive sandwiches made.

Mine was a Caribbean style using the large square wraps.  I made a very tangy and slightly firey mayo, added crab meat and cooked tiger prawns, sliced avacado and chopped corriander.

I folded the wrap over and garnished with slices of mango. How Caribbean is that?

I came away with loads of ideas for future lunches using those great Sandwich Alternatives!  Think I am becoming a 'Lunchonista'! (more about that later).

**I was paid to attend this event and was sent some Warburtons products to try at home prior to the event.  I was not required to blog about this event and all the opinions and photos are my own.**

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