Sunday, 27 October 2013

Asda Butcher's Selection Chicken in a Bag - Great for Leftovers

Asda have a range of chickens in store at the moment in their Butchers Selection.  The chickens have a seasoning on each one such as Zesty Lime & Corriander, Smoky Mexican, Extra Tasty and Piri Piri.  They recently asked me to try one of these chickens and to follow the suggestions on the back of the pack to use the leftovers.

We chose the Smoky Mexican.  The packets direct you to pierce the bag the chicken comes in and put the whole thing in the oven.  The chicken is sitting in its own foil tray which enables you to cook it in the bag and keep the oven clean, this is a great plus point as far as I can see.

The chicken cooks in its own steam chamber and comes out cooked to perfection in 1.5 hours and is juicy and tender.  I used the juices in the pan to make a quick sauce and served it with rice and roasted red peppers.

The back of the package suggested making the left overs into fajitas or wraps. Mr R and I had enough for our dinner and there was loads left over. Even though the seasoning was on the outside of the chicken on the skin, the meat underneath had a subtle taste of the Mexican paprika.

I sauteed some pepper, onions and celery plus a half teaspoon of chilli paste and when browned I added the left over chicken.

I added some grated cheddar cheese and a couple of tablespoons of bar-b-que sauce to keep it from being too dry.  I popped a packet of the small tortillas into the microwave to warm them through

Wrapped the chicken into the tortillas, sprinkled with cheddar cheese and served with a quick microwave rice and a dollop of sour cream.

The Butcher's Selection Simply roast in the Bag are priced at £5 for a limited time - 24th October - 6th November 2013.

Thanks Asda for the chicken and the ingredients to make the most of the left overs.  I didn't receive any payment to try the products and the opinions are my own.

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