Sunday, 27 October 2013

Dinner for 4 - £0.40 per person

I have mentioned many times before, you can make a meal that is tasty and nutritious and doesn't cost a lot.

Every now and then we pop up to our local supermarket about 8:30pm to see what is reduced.

For our meal tonight we had burgers that were priced at £3.50 for a four pack but they had been reduced to £1.25 and were Buy One Get One Free so that meant £1.25 for 8 burgers.

Add to this a pack of four jacket potatoes reduced to £0.18, some garden grown tomatoes and a meal for less than £1.45 that would feed 4 people.

My advice is to keep your eyes open for those bargains and feed your family some great food that won't break your budgets!

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