Thursday, 17 October 2013

It's Lunchtime - Tasty and Frugal

Frugal food doesn't mean sub standard or lowering your standards at all. It means using food in such a way that you don't throw good food away.

Today as I was hungry at lunchtime and decided to make some scrambled eggs.  Well simple scrambled eggs was the plan but it soon took on a plan of its own.

Last night we had a rare treat and got an Indian take-away.  Mine always comes with a bag of salad and a bag of finely chopped onions.  I usually eat half of the salad and never the raw onion.

So, I put a knob of butter and a tsp of oil into my small frying pay.  I added the bag of chopped onions and a small amount of chilli paste. 

Once  nicely browned I added the eggs, mixed with seasoning and 2 Tbs of milk and scattered chopped ham on top.

When the main body of the eggs were cooked I popped it under the grill to finish cooking in the middle and topped with cheese slices.

Served with the remaining salad from last night's take-away and there you have a lovely, warming lunch and I used two items that most people probably pop into the bin.

I try to be frugal with our food and look for ways to use up smaller items or look in the reduced section of the supermarkets for bargains.

Watch this blog for more ways to be frugal coming up.

What do you do to make the food £s stretch. Please leave a comment and share with other readers.

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