Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Mason Triumph - Supporting Women since 1886


Triumph have the bra for the way you are! That was their slogan for years and now they are giving back to women, those who make things (their passions) and those who inspire other women.

I was recently invited to an event to celebrate London Fashion Week and some very influential women, one of whom was Gizzi Erskine.

Gizzi is a chef, cookbook writer and television personality who has worked her way up in a very male oriented environment. Gizzi grew up in Thailand, which is where her love of exciting, fusion flavour and alternative recipes comes from.

Gizzi cooked her signature spicy chicken wings for us and talked to us about her journey while she cooked.

Gizzi has a new book out called "Skinny Weeks and Weekend Feasts" with a plethora of delicious recipes designed to be easy to re-create at home.  If they are as tasty as her spicy Korean chicken wings then you will not be disappointed!

Gizzi and Paloma Faith are amongst the inspirational women who will be mentoring sucessful applicants in their individual genres.

Triumph have set up a 'pop-up' shop Maison Triumph near Leicester Square in London, which as well as selling some up to the minute lingerie also tells how they are helping and mentoring women.

'Women in Making' champions fantastic women across a variety of creative disciples, their strengths, creativeness and femininity.

You can show your support for their campaign here.

Maison Triumph opens on 12th September 2013 at 57/59 Monmouth St, 7 dials,
London WC2H running until the end of December 2013. For further information
please visit<>


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