Thursday, 3 October 2013

Asda Meals for the Little People

I was recently invited to visit Asda Head Office in Leeds with my daughter-in-law and 5 year old granddaughter.

Asda wanted some real little people as 'taste testers' for their new children's range of food.  This range is called 'Chosen by Kids' and is a good tasting range with out additives, salt etc. but food that mothers can have confidence in giving their child.  There are 180 products in this range and they help make sure the child get some of their '5 A Day'.

On arrival we were greeted with loads of bright colours, ballons and funny colourful monsters.  MissLizzie was a bit shy with her first monster but relaxed as she met more of the colourful characters who adorn the packaging of the new range.

We were walked through different set tables and shown the range.


Following a quick chat about the new products we ventured into a tasting room.  MissLizzie was feeling very important to be a 'taste tester'.

One by one the different foods were brought out and using the paddles we had (green for yum and red for yuck) MissLizzie voted for them.

And it seemed everything got a green 'yum' from our little VIP for the session.

I liked the new range as a Grandmother. When the little people come to visit I like to have some 'kiddie' food in the fridge for convenience and wouldn't have any hesitation buying this range knowing their parents would approve.  I like to offer little treats and they wouldn't know I had chosen some healthy ones either.

It was a long journey to Leeds for this session and MissLizzie was quite tired but a balloon in the colour of her favourite monster colour put a smile on her face!

Here is what Asda had to say about their new range and the blogger event ...

I didn't receive any payment from Asda to write this post and all opinions are my own.

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