Thursday, 2 May 2013

Tesco Price Promise: You won't lose out at Tesco!

Recently Tesco asked me to pop into my local branch (in Hatfield) and spend £50.00 on a typical grocery shop.  They asked me to then tell you about their 'Price Promise' comparison.

The idea of the Price Promise is that you are given two receipts at the checkout.  One is your normal receipt and the other one is the Price Promise.  This one tells you if your shopping would have been cheaper at the rival supermarkets such as Asda, Morrisons or Sainsbury's.

If your shopping would have been cheaper you will be given a voucher (up to £10.00) to use the next time you shop. 

If your shop would have been dearer elsewhere the voucher tells you how much you would have saved. I saved £4.11 on my shopping.

There is also a Price Promise website which will explain how the system works if you want to have a look.  There is a number that runs alongside the bottom of the receipt and if you type this into the Price Promise website it will show you a breakdown of how the value was created.

Our local Tesco store also has the new 'Self Scan' system and I decided to use that in conjunction with the Price Promise.  As you start you follow the instructions on the large screen and when ready to go take your hand help scanner and off you go!

Oh what fun this was and what a great idea.  You scan the item you want to purchase and put it into your trolley.  If you want to change your mind you can un-scan the item and it keeps a running total as you shop.  Essential if you are on a budget with a certain amount of money to spend as I was on this instance.


When you have finished your shopping you pop into the special check-out booth for self scanning and follow the instructions. When you first use the system you will have a 'random' check to make sure you have recorded all the items in your trolley.  As you build up 'trust' with the system your random checks will get fewer and farther between.

Both of the Price Promise and the self scanning help you get the most for your money which is really helpful as it can be quite a daunting task to shop as I do, checking price per kilo, Buy-One-Get-One-Free offers and generally looking to get the most for my money.  You also need to know your prices and where it will be cheaper that week. It seems the supermarkets are trying to make it difficult to shop. Some tomatoes were priced per item and with no per kilo price whilst others were priced per kilo.

It also seems the less processed the item is (like mushrooms) the cheaper they will be.  There was quite a large difference in the per kilo price of mushrooms but the cheapest and best bargain was the Value pack.  There was nothing wrong with them except that they had the little bit of compost on the ends which means the step of washing the bottoms or cutting them off had been omitted, therefore making them cheaper!

Also you have to be on the look out for the special offers. Pasta for example. A named brand was reduced to £1.00 for 500g - seemed a good deal. But the Own Brand was only £0.95 for 500g and the multiple was two for £1.50, i.e. £0.75 for 500g.  There is only a small differential but if you are buying a lot of pasta it soon adds up. And over the whole shop every few pence here and there add up to quite a lot of savings.

So in summary my shopping was £4.11 cheaper at Tesco today and to make an even greater impact on our purse I got a 'Helping Hand' coupon for £5.00 off a £40.00 spend valid for two weeks from the date of the shopping.
I did check with Customer Services before I took photos of the self scanning unit.

Thank you Tesco for asking me to take part in this project. 


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