Friday, 6 December 2013

Bloody Mary Championships with Tabasco

The annual Tabasco Bloody Mary Challenge took place this year at the Spitalfields Bar of Hawkesmoor restaurant and bar on Commercial Road, East London.

I was invited to attend and my friend Val accompanied me.  On arrival we were given a glass of champagne which somehow never seemed to empty (no complaints from either of us on that).

There were 13 contestants who under the watchful eye of the event’s Master of Ceremonies, Chef Brian Turner (sorry about the photo Brian!) took turns in creating for the judges their take on a traditional Bloody Mary.

The contestants had to use vodka (although they could choose their own brand), tomato juice and of course Tabasco sauce with the usual additions of celery salt, celery and an optional addition of sherry (yes that’s a new one to me too).

They worked in groups of three, giving the judges a sample of their creations

and after they had finished they all had the opportunity to create a cocktail of their choice including Tabasco of course and give the judges a sample of these as well.

There were two winners, one from the traditional category and one from the cocktail of choice category and each winner will enjoy a three day visit to the McIlhenny Tabasco plantation and factory in Louisiana, United States!

Throughout the session Hawkesmoor provided us with a plethora of gorgeous snacks to help mop up some of the champagne and Bloody Marys we were consuming.

Thanks to all those involved for making this year’s contest an enjoyable event and for inviting me to attend.









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