Sunday, 8 December 2013

Opies - Helping to celebrate Christmas in style from Christmas Eve to Boxing Day

Opies are there in the supermarket and have been for years.  When was the last time you stopped to check them out?

Let me explain how Opies can take you from Christmas Eve to Boxing Day and take care of the little extras.

First of all Christmas Eve; Having friends around for a few drinks - their Cocktail Cherries on a toothpick either across your glass or inside your drink as a stirer.  Nice splash or colour.

Stem ginger in syrup chopped or sliced in puddings but the syrup is great drizzled into champagne or fizzy wine.

Of course don't forget your G&T or vodka and tonic need a slice of lemon and the children can add a fizzy lemonade or ginger ale to the lemon juice the lemon slices are in for a great kiddie drink.  The slices of lemon are great on top of a lemon drizzle cake too!

Christmas Day tea time pudding calls for Figs with Courvoisier. Greek Messina Figs are great on their own with ice cream, yoghurt or fresh cream.

Equally the Cherries from Greek Tragana orchids bottled in Luxardo Kirsch would make a great Christmas Day alternative pudding or would taste absolutely fantastic on good quality vanilla ice cream or homemade rice pudding.

Boxing Day brings it's own challenges.  You have eaten and drunk loads but you still have a little peckish feelings!  You want something to jazz up the cold meats and cheese and Opies Pickled Walnuts are a blast from the past and also something new for a lot of people.  Every salad plate needs pickled walnuts and Cocktail Gherkins on the side.  Cocktail Gherkins are also an ideal addition to a spicy egg mayo for those finger sandwiches before the Christmas cake

Thanks to Opies for sending me their great selection - they will certainly make an appearance over our Christmas holiday! All opinions are my own - I was not required to blog about these products.





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