Saturday, 28 December 2013

Christmas Leftovers - My Favourite!

Well believe it or not that mamoth gammon from Aldi I cooked for Christmas Day is almost at an end.

Tonight I cut most of the remaining meat and set it aside as I made the cheese sauce.

I made my usual roux with the butter and flour, whisking the milk so that the sauce didn't get lumpy.  I used cheddar cheese and stilton blue cheese and added the usual teaspoon of dijon mustard, salt&pepper and a few drops of Tabasco Smoked Chipotle sauce.  Instead of adding more milk to thin out the sauce I used some of the liquid from boiling the gammon and also added some of the celery and carrots . At the last minute I usually add a glug or two of white wine and from this point it will stay at the thickness. 

When the sauce was the thickness I wanted I added the chopped ham.

I had bought some German Christmas noodles at Aldi in the week before Christmas so I made those up in some boiling water and when they were ready, they were drained and the sauce poured over.

Served with a green salad and a yummy dinner all round.  The only thing left is to boil the gammon bones to make a stock and a lentil and ham soup will magically appear!




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  1. I'm imagining the smell of lentil and ham soup now... You chose well to get a Ham with the bone in.