Friday, 13 December 2013

Danio Yogurt from Danone - Packed full of Protein and Flavour

A short while back I was invited to pop into an introduction to Danio (by Danone) yoghurt event. Every now and then I come across a new yoghurt that really ticks those boxes you look for in a yoghurt. Danio by Danone is one of those yoghurts.


The yoghurt was rich and creamy and the fruit layer on the bottoms was not too sweet and when blended together you get a really rich and satisfying yoghurt.  I took one to work each day for my mid morning snack and they did a great job keeping me from picking at my lunch too early (something that happens when you are hungry before lunchtime.

This product is super thick and very high in protein and low in fat.  The straining process uses over twice the amount of milk of standard yoghurts which in turn makes it high in protein and thick and creamy.


Danio is available in six flavours; strawberry, passion fruit, cherry, peach, blueberry and reaspberry. 

As usual my favourite is blueberry closely followed in second favourite place by peach.
They are packaged in bright eye catching single serve pots, suitable for vegetarians and also gluten free and free from artificial colours and preservatives.


I was given the chance to have a chat with registered dietician Rick Miller who suggests we eat Danio daily to meet our body needs, getting a well-balanced, convenient source of protein.

The majority supermarkets stocking this product will be selling them at £0.85 per pot but it is possible to keep your eyes open and find some By-One-Get-One-Free or multibuy offers!


Danio is mady by Danone UK whose mission is to bring health through food to as many people as possible!

Thanks to Danio for introducing me to this product and giving me a goodie bag selection of the yoghurt.

We were given some flavours to taste there and then and then sent home with a selection of all of the fruit flavours.  Thanks Danio for the goodie bag, I was not paid to write this post and all opinions are my own.

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