Thursday, 26 December 2013

Let Sainsburys Make Your Christmas Lunch! - Part 1

I was sent a selection of Sainsburys Cranberry and Orange Christmas range to prepare, cook and enjoy with my family for Christmas Dinner.

As part of getting my meal ready for Christmas Day I will be serving Smooth Duck and Orange pate on toast for starters. The toast will be the cranberry and seeded loaf. Main meal is a Sainsbury's three bird roast (turkey, chicken and duck) with all the usual vegetables, cranberry and port sauce, Cranberry and orange stuffing in individual little dishes and followed by Cranberry and orange christmas pudding and a Taste the Difference ice cream for my daughter-in-law who doesn't like the dried fruit in the Christmas Pudding.

Boxing Day will be cold cuts to include a thick piece of Stilton cheese, Taste the Difference ham slices with Valencia orange & Cranberry topping and toasted slices of the Cranberry and Seed loaf.  I almost prefer the Boxing Day cold cuts and salads to the traditional meal the day before!


Come back and see how the food looked on Christmas Day. I have never had a Three Bird Roast before and am really looking forward to it.  It comes frozen and can be cooked straight from the freezer in 2 hours 45 minutes or defrosted it will take 2 hours to cook.

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  1. I hope the family liked cranberry and orange! That looks like a very fine piece of Stilton.