Thursday, 5 December 2013

The Cuban - Restaurant Review

There are over 11 million people living on the Caribbean island of Cuba, living under the remnants of a stark dictatorial regime.  As an American I have never been to Cuba although it is a place I am going as soon as the restrictions are lifted and am looking forward to the visit.

From what I have been able to learn the Cuban people have not lost their lust for life, food and music even through a meagre existence so it was with great excitement that I visited The Cuban restaurant in Camden, North London. This was a really fun experience.  We were dining early and as we were leaving the salsa dancing started. I imagine it was like stepping through the doors of a once vibrant Cuban bar-restaurant with music playing, salsa dancing and rum flowing!

We were looked after by Tania a lovely waitress who although she was from Bulgaria was really enthusiastic about the restaurant and knowledgeable about the food offered.

My friend Val accompanied me and for starters we chose three different tapas and shared them.  We had Chicken Tenders, Beer battered calamari rings and Roasted portabello mushrooms with grilled halloumi cheese, Serrano ham, wild rocket & herb oil.

This was nicely presented on a wooden plank with two little pots of dip.


Although there was a wide range of very typical Cuban main courses (including a few vegetarian options) and both Val and I chose the flank of beef stew called Ropa Pobre con Congri . A Cuban style flank of beef, shredded and slow cooked with tomatoes, mixed peppers and onions served with steamed rice mixed with peppers, jalapenos and black beans.  As a black cast iron cauldron and huge bowl of rice appeared we assumed it was for us to share.  We were both amazed to have another one delivered! It was one each.


We often have different main courses when reviewing a restaurant to get a wider knowledge of the menu.

All this was washed down with a Mojito which sums up the quintessential cocktail of Cuba one of the first Caribbean islands to begin rum production. 

The Cuban has an extensive cocktail range and a list of possible rums on offer as long as my arm and the offer of ‘Happy Hour’ makes it an appealing prospect!

We were offered pudding which I felt was a difficult position to be in.  As I was reviewing the restaurant should I have a pudding but I was completely full from our meal (and in fact had to ask for a takeaway box to finish my stew for lunch the following day) and didn’t want to have pudding just for the sake of it.  So I declined – an unusual decision for me!

Mr R would have loved this restaurant and I will be visiting it again with him and this time on a weekend evening when, I was told, it will be brimming with music, dancing and really fun people!

If you are going on a Friday or Saturday night you will need to book a table.  Follow the on Twitter @THECUBANCAMDEN or if you are in Bristol check out the new bar @THECUBANBRISTOL.

Thanks very much to The Cuban restaurant Camden Market for a very enjoyable meal and introduction to Cuban culture first hand.

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  1. The garlic chicken dinner can't be beat! We usually go there at least once every other week! The portions are very generous. I particularly love the plantains!

    Grace Crawford (More info…)