Saturday, 18 May 2013

Bargain Time at the Supermarket

Everyone knows I like a bargain. Tonight we popped into our local store and as always looked into the reduced section for a quick sale.

Bingo!! I got £19.11 worth of produce for £1.91!! Pretty happy with that.

There were things that we didn't really want so didn't get. If they are not what you would normally buy then it isn't a saving.

Of course sometimes I have tried a product that I wouldn't normally risk paying a lot for in case I didn't like it, have bought it for 10% and liked it thus willing to pay full price for it another time.

So tonight I bought £6.00 of piccolo cherry tomatoes for £0.60, £4.00 of nectarines for £0.40 plus organic lemons, jacket potatoes, waxy salad potatoes, bread, bananas all of which were 10% of the price and alll  were perfectly good without any bad bits.

All of the bargains will be used in the next couple of days along with other foods we have at home.

The peppers and cherry tomatoes will be roasted with salt, olive oil and garlic and will form the start of a good pasta sauce.

Jacket potatoes for dinner tonight,

waxy potatoes with Sunday lunch (and potato salad the next day) and that's just the beginning!

I always keep an eye for a bargain and it pays off.

I am entering this post into the Credit Crunch Munch round up for May which is being hosted this month by Farmersgirl Kitchen and is run by Fab Food For All and Fuss Free Flavours

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