Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Chobani Yoghurt

I was recently sent a selection of the new Chobani (well new to the UK that is) yoghurt to try.

Chobani went from an idea in 2005 to becoming one of America's favourite yoghurts!

This yoghurt is styled very much on the American yoghurts and is very thick with a layer of fruit on the bottom.  You stir it all together and it turns into a creamy fruit filled yoghurt.  There is also a plain, unflavoured version and I have used this for my breakfast with freshly sliced strawberries as well as adding it to my tomato and spinach pasta sauce for a substantial, healthy and tasty midweek pasta lunch.  Either way it works very well.

We seem to get through a lot of yoghurt in this house. We eat it sweet, savoury; we take it to work or pic-nics. We have it for breakfat or after dinner. Which ever way you look at it we love yoghurt in our house!

I recently saw this product for sale in our local Tesco and expect it to be in most major outlets. Some of the fruit flavours available in the UK:



This will be a frequent visitor to our fridge. Thanks Chobani for letting me discover the great tasting product!

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  1. Hi Heidi! Glad to hear you enjoyed our strained CHO, and found some ways to experiment with it in your cooking as well. Creamy pasta sauce - yum!