Sunday, 12 May 2013

G.A.T Espresso Time

One of the things I got sent this week to review was a two cup espresso maker from Gat.

You have probably seen the traditional looking espresso makers used to make the coffee on the stove top which are used all over Italy, France and Spain.

This is a new range from Galt and comes in different colours and 2 cup/4 cup/6 cup and 10 cup sizes.  The one I received is the small 2 cup size.  This makes two small espresso coffees or one large espresso to add milk to.

The coffee maker comes apart into three simple pieces. Easy to take apart to wash and easy to put together. You fill the bottom piece with water, the little middle cone with fine espresso ground coffee and place in the bottom part.  Screw all the peices together and place on the stove/hob.

The coffee will be forced up into the top part and when the sound changes to a whistle you are done. Pour into your cup and enjoy as it comes or with warm milk. Just enough to keep you going in the afternoon or perfect after dinner with a chocolate mint.

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