Friday, 31 May 2013

Word of the Week

This is something I was thinking about in the shower recently! I grew up constantly being influenced by words and my father always trying to get us to widen our vocabularly particularly by playing a word game on a Saturday night. (We didn't have social media or iPhones way back then!!)

So I propose to pick a word on a Friday and challenge you to use it in a post during the week.  The post with the word used the most in the correct context will have their blog post featured in 'Word of the Week' the following week.

So how to you get involved. Just use the chosen word in your post in the correct context e.g. silk, silky, silkiness, etc so 'we silk the silk dog with the silky coat' = 0 but 'the creamy and silky sauce poured over the fish looked like a piece of silk draped over a model = 2!

Then leave comment on my weekly post with the number of times you used the word and a link to your blog post and I will pick the winner on the Friday morning to include in the next week's post.

This week the word is 'CRUNCH'

It's just a bit of blogging fun!

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