Sunday, 12 May 2013

De'Longhi knows their coffee!!

De'Longhi have issued some of us with a challenge! Using their new range of espresso coffee maker come up with a new way of serving coffee or a recipe using it.

To take part in the challenge they sent us their Vintage Icona Bar Pump coffee machine to get to know and use to make our entry.

I couldn't think there was a different way of serving coffee ..... you make it, put it in a cup and drink it.  Of course there is the Italian Affogato which is a serving of quality vanilla ice cream and you pour an espresso coffee over the top.  This give you a lovely coffee ice cream to enjoy!

Finally, somewhere to keep my espresso cups!!

Anyway years ago I did quite a lot of dinner party entertaining and found this pudding recipe on a television cooking show.  Don't remember which show it was but this has turned out to be a firm favourite dinner party ending.

It is quite simply the easiest pudding you can make, looks sensational and tastes fantastic.  You put 16oz (454gm) of marshmallows into a blender (I used my Vitamix) and pour over 8 floz of hot strong, black coffee.

Whizz up until the coffee has melted the marshmallow and pour into tall parfait glasses or pretty glasses. 

Before chilling in the fridge

Put them in the fridge until they set and you will have a three layer pudding.  Coffee mousse on the bottom, coffee jelly in the middle and a light coffee foam on top.

After chilling in the fridge for a couple of hours, it sets and separates.

You can pour a couple of tablespoons of thick double cream or some lightly whipped cream on the top layer and to finish off drizzle a little coffee liqueur. I topped mine with the new Vanilla Quark from The Lake District Dairy Co. and shaved dark chocolate. Mmmmmm it was lovely!

When I first saw this recipe it stated it would work in a blender but you should NOT use a food processor.  As it happened, I had a new food processor and what did they know. I would use my new machine.  Well they did know!! The hot coffee was whizzed out through the fine gaps in the food processor at high speed and as well as covering me in very hot, sugary liquid also sprayed coffee up the kitchen walls and onto the ceiling!!  After spending a fair amount of time cleaning up the now sticky and cooling liquid I tried again in the blender.  Worked perfectly!!!


Thanks to De'Longhi for the Vintage Icona Bar Pump coffee machine and setting the challenge. Wish me luck!

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