Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Book Review - Sushi at Home by Yuki Gomi

I first met Yuki earlier this year when Sozai launched their new dedicated Japanese cooking school, the first in the UK, and she was teaching us how to make sushi.

Yuki was so friendly and we connected right away.  I made sushi for the first time ever and it was a success and loads and loads of fun.  I subsequently attended one of her cooking classes at her home in South London.

Yuki makes sushi making uncomplicated and fun. Something that with a few authentic Japanese ingredients (available from most supermarkets and specialist shops in London and on-line) anyone can make at home.

'Sushi at Home' will teach you everything you need to know about buying and preparing the finest ingredients.  You will learn a step-by-step process to rolling out your own sushi rolls as well as popular alternative shapes.

In this book Yuki explains the need to follow certain traditions but that some can be modernised and used with the equipment you have at home, such as a hairdryer to quickly cook your sushi rice if you don't have the traditional fan.

The most important part is getting your sushi rice perfect. Do that and you will have the skill to go forward and make fantastic sushi at home. Miso soup will be a staple for your Japanese meals at home.

Inside the book is a glossary of terms of ingredients and a list of useful equipment and utensils list. The drawings and illustrations are very simple and illustrative of Japanese art. 

The photos are clear and stunning.

The recipes have their Japanese name and then their English translation. I love this because so many times I have been in restaurants and not known what the different variations meant.  Now I can make a note on my phone and get it right everytime!

Yuki is well experienced to teach the art of sushi making and has taught thousands of people to do just that.  She studied in Chicago at Le Cordon Blue and trained under a master noodle maker.  She now teaches at her own home and at Sozai from time to time.

So if you fancy making Sashimi, Sushi, Futomaki, Hokomaki, Miso Soup and Dashi in the comfort of your own home, to have a Japanese dinner party then this book is a must have in your cookbook collection.

This beautiful book (which is like Japanese modern art) will be published on 27 June 2013 by Fig Tree and will retail at £18.99 (Hardback).

(all photos are taken from the book)

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